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JEDI Grad Expands Her Business

Three years ago when Amy Rachkowski first visited JEDI, she had just been laid off from the US Forest Service and Wise Mountain Botanicals was still mostly a business dream in her heart. She had chosen a business name, developed her logo and had been working hard to build up the inventory she knew would be needed to open for business. But the rest of what the business would require was still shrouded in mystery.

As a field botanist, who is also a trained herbalist, Amy develops her own herbal formulas and tinctures. She started by specializing in respiratory health tinctures and other general use products. Now she has expanded to include more compound formulas with specific applications such as an adrenal tonic, a sleep aid formula and a lymphatic formula. She also prepares a line of salves and lip balms. Amy notes that people like her products because they get good results. She says her customers have confidence in the purity and potency of her products because they know her and they know that her herbs are grown or wildcrafted locally, under high quality conditions. They also love that Amy offers personal customer support for optimum use of her products, to help everyone get their best results.

Amy plunged rapidly in to JEDI training by taking Making Your Money Work for You and It’s Your Business in the same semester. Her goal was to participate in JEDI’s matched savings program for business owners, Prosperity Asset Building. In 2012, she became a matched saver, saved the maximum, received the two-to-one match money and was able to invest in both more advanced herbalist training as well as improving her online and other marketing for her business.

Today Amy knows that about 50% of her customers are local and about 50% come from her online marketing. She works with three local business outlets that offer her products to the public: Berryvale, Alpine Originals, and the Mount Shasta Farmer’s Market. Berryvale will now be carrying an expanded selection of all her compound tinctures, salves and lip balms. Online customers find her and order at

Amy does everything for Wise Mountain Botanicals And holds a job as well. During the spring, summer and fall months, Amy works long hours between cultivating and wildcrafting herbs for Wise Mountain, and making her products, as well as collecting field data for employer Her tip for a new business owner is to be sure you are passionate and enjoy what you do, because starting a business is very time intensive. She also notes that it is important to be prepared to keep other income going until your business is able to grow enough to completely support you.

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A Guest Opinion Piece from

Nancy Swift, JEDI Executive Director

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JEDI Clients Creating Local Jobs - at 1/20 the Cost of Stimulus Plan

Even in Bad Economy, Entrepreneurs Creating Local Jobs

Last year - in the face of the worst economy in decades - Jefferson Economic Development Institute (JEDI) clients created approximately 150 full and part time jobs in Siskiyou county - at a cost of less than $2,500 per job.

By contrast, non-partisan economists suggest jobs created by the just-signed federal economic stimulus package will cost approximately $60,000 -$70,000 each (figures as high as $200,000+ have been cited, but seem to have been discredited).

Existing state programs? They expect job creation to cost approximately $35,000.

In recessionary periods, small and micro-businesses provide critical job growth - especially in rural areas, which often don't benefit significantly from stimulus spending. JEDI provides business services to this essential segment of the business world, supporting entrepreneurs, some of whom may have been laid off and want to retain control of their own financial destiny.

While JEDI's economic development mission draws little fanfare, it has consistently - and cost-effectively - created jobs and wealth in Siskiyou County.

To become a JEDI client and receive all the services JEDI offers; complete the application and mail or bring into the JEDI office at
205 Chestnut Street, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067 for mailing P.O. Box 1586 Mt. Shasta, CA 96067. (application is in a pdf format)

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