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The Stewardship Fund of Far Northern California

For Visitors & Communities Who Care!

Recipients of the Stewardship Fund of Far Northern California Awards:

  • Color by County - Living Gold Press
  • General Distributio Brochure - Dunsumir Botanical Gardens
  • The World is Not Your Ashtray - Lauri Sturdivant
  • Mt. Shasta Community Peace Mural - Siskiyou Arts Council
  • GSSC Internet Project - Genealogical Society of Siskiyou County (GSSC)

Recipients of the Stewardship Fund of Far Northern California Awards:

  • Relief Map Exhibit - Collier Interpetive & Information Center
  • Mount Shasta History/Photography Project
  • Headwaters Interpretive Sign Installation
  • Upper Sacramento River Exchange Website re-design
  • Road Biking Brochure
  • Landscaping the Weed Museum Grounds
  • Montague Museum Gift Shop
  • Mount Shasta Guide to Fun
Recipients of the Stewardship Fund of Far Northern California Awards:

Recipients of the Stewardship Fund of Far Northern California Awards:

  • Mt. Shasta Rotary's City Park to Downtown Trail
  • COS's Library's Mt. Shasta Fact Sheet and website
  • Sisson Museum's Mt. Shasta Exhibit Renovation
  • Living Gold Press' Klamath River Pocket Guide
  • Weed Museum's Walking History Tour with Roger Zwanziger
  • Siskiyou Land Trust's capacity-building
  • Cross Petroleum's Outdoor Connection and Stewardship Kiosk
  • Shasta Wildflower Project's Map and Flower Guide
  • River Dancers and The River Exchange's River Clean Up Survey

What is the Stewardship Fund of Far Northern California?
The Fund is a newly-established fund that has been created to take care of the natural, cultural and rural environments throughout Siskiyou County, CA. This Fund provides visitors, residents, and businesses with positive opportunities to give something back to or invest in the area they live visit, profit from, and enjoy. The Fund seeks to develop and maintain a more sustainable and rural economy through its grant giving and public awareness efforts. The fund provides stewardship education for businesses. The Fund is sponsored by the Jefferson Economic Development Institute (JEDI) which is a nonprofit organization committed to empowering people and communities to create prosperity.

Where does the money come from?
Contributions are made to the Fund from a variety of different groups including visitors to the area, individuals and local businesses, grants and other fundraising events. Local businesses may choose to donate a portion of their tourism sales or encourage their visiting customers to make contributions. The original investors in this Fund include participating members in JEDI's Stewardship Tourism Marketing Group.

What is the Fund used for?
The Fund will support the work of JEDI's Stewardship Tourism Marketing Group to make grants to projects, programs and good ideas that provide stewardship awareness and to activities that directly impact and enhance a visitor's experience of Siskiyou County. Types of project ideas that are eligible for funding are:
  • Economic development and environmental planning
  • Clean-ups: river, lake, trail, meadow, campground, downtown parks
  • Historically significant events, tours, trips, signage, printed materials, promotions
  • Natural history events, tours, trips, signage, printed materials, promotion
  • Stewardship education and training, i.e. employee training, public programs.
Who can apply for funding?
The following eligible entities are encouraged to apply:
  • Stewardship Tourism Marketing Group Participants
  • Any business serving Siskiyou County
  • Community-based organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Individuals, residents and visitors with a good idea!
How will the Fund choose between projects?
Applications will be rated according to their ability to:
  • Impact to the local economy
  • Build stewardship tourism activities
  • Enhance a visitor's experience in Siskiyou County
Grant Guidelines and Criteria:
Applicant must have a new or continuing project that provides stewardship for the natural and cultural environment of Siskiyou County that will directly enhance a visitor's experience. Stewardship is defined as actions that:
  • Help build and promote awareness and interest in our natural and cultural heritage
  • Help people personally connect with their environments and their historical communities
  • Provide natural and cultural environmental education
  • Provide opportunities for "taking care" activities

Availability of Funds: No applications will be taken for 2009 - check back with us in 2010 for an update


Founding Contributors of the Stewardship Fund:

Shasta Sunset Dinner Train - The River Skills Center - River Dancers
Shasta Vortex Adventures - Shasta Mountain Guides - The Flying Lotus
Cross Petroleum - Fire Mountain Ink - Sierra Wilderness Seminars
Living Waters Recreation - Mt. Shasta Herb & Health - Ms Lynn's Tea
Mt Shasta Botanicals - Cascadia Magazine - The Circle of Life Wellness Center
Mt Shasta Massage and Spa - Intuitive Entrepreneur - Siskiyou Canoe & Kayak Too
Shasta Valley Balloons - Shasta Vacations - Sierra Wilderness Seminars
Fe's Bed & Breakfast - The River Exchange - Shasta Cove Stables

Visit the JEDI TRAVEL GREEN website: www.e-jedi.org/travelgreen.
Contributors with tourism services have the opportunity to be listed and linked and promoted on TRAVEL GREEN!

The link above will take you to a secure, on-line form where you can submit your $50 or more contribution easily and securely. Thank you!

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